European Championship Day 1

1st Futnet European Championship is taking place in the French town of Corte in Corsica where the best European teams have gathered to share their passion of futnet and compete for the historically first titles under the auspices of the European Futnet Association.

Extraligue final live on Czech TV

In two days a great futnet fiesta is awaiting fans in the Czech Republic. The Extraligue final promises to be the highlight of this futnet season. And for the first time in the history of ligue finals, more than 3 hours of futnet will be broadcasted live!

Northern Ireland League – Round 1

On Sunday 18 September the very first futnet league in the history of Northern Ireland kicked off with six teams in a round robin tournament that took place in Belfast.

Futnet in Northern Ireland

Recent days have brought the excellent news of existence of futnet enthusiasts in Northern Ireland. For the first time ever in its history, there will be a futnet league, starting on 18 September and supported by EFTA.

International Camp Report 5

In the last article, the most advanced group in the camp was presented by its instructor Marián Žigala. This time we are going to the opposite end of the scale and have a look at the beginner’s group coached by Gabriel Viňanský, President of Slovak Futnet Association.

International Camp Report 4

Wednesday and Thursday, after the warm-up, each group continued with the training under the supervision of their respective coaches. Apart from the practice of the skills mentioned in the previous article, there were, of course, also matches in the double and the triple.

International Camp on Czech TV

As many of you already know, Czech Republic is the most important country in futnet world, with a huge amount of affiliated players and a great impact on media. Not only famous tournaments or important championships can be seen on TV, but also other events such the international camp that took place last week.

International Camp Report 3

Tuesday was the first training day of the camp. After breakfast, the training started at 9.00 with a warm-up on the football pitch. First warm-up of the camp was led by Marián Žigala, World Champion in single but also one of the best  Slovak pole vault athletes.

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