Sporting venues and accommodation

Today we are going to present you the two sports halls where the championship will take place as well as the hotel where the delegations will be staying.

In the bottom left of the picture, Raymond Montet‘s University Sports Hall will host the group matches of the home team of France and all the finals. Its capacity is up to 600 people. It is used by the Corsica University students and for national futnet competitions. Venaco futnet club, the French champion in 2010/2011 season, plays its home matches there. What is important for futnet matches is that the hall has high ceilings (more than 10 m) and there is lots of space around the court.

The second hall (bottom right of the picture) has similar features as regards the height of the ceilings and the space around the court. It is Corte’s municipal sports hall COSEC with a seating capacity of up to 350 people which will host the matches of the other group and some of the matches for 5th-10th place. Futnet club of Venaco 2B played there the national final in 2009 and it is also used by Corte’s handball club.

The delegations will be staying at Paesotel E Caselle hotel, one of the partners of the championship. Here you can see several picures of the hotel and its facilities and for more information visit the hotel webpage.

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