About EFTA


European Futnet Association (EFTA) was born out of the desire of its founding countries to boost the development of futnet on the European continent, promote the sport  in new countries and regions and help both old and young associations to better respond to the needs of all those involved in futnet.

EFTA is recognised by the futnet world-governing body Union Internationale de Futnet (UNIF) as its Continental Association in Europe with the seat in Prague, Czech Republic.

EFTA Members

The current list of EFTA members includes national associations from all parts of Europe and several candidates waiting to join EFTA as soon as the relevant administrative procedures in their countries have been completed. The number of EFTA members is very likely to double by the end of 2012. Click on the name of the country to learn more about each EFTA member.


Austria Basque Country Czech Republic Denmark England
France Poland Slovakia Switzerland Ukraine

Rep. Ireland


How to join EFTA

EFTA Statutes allow three types of membership: Full, Provisional and Associate.

Full and Provisional Membership is restricted to national futnet-governing bodies, in case of provisional Membership, to those national associations that are in the process of legal registration in their country. To become a full or provisional member of EFTA, the association shall send an application for membership to EFTA General Secretary, along with its Statutes, names of office bearers and a copy of its registration with the corresponding national authority (Ministry, Sports Council etc.) and pay the corresponding membership fee.

Clubs or organisations carrying out futnet activities in countries or independent territories where there is no national association recognised by EFTA may be admitted as Associate Members. They shall submit an application for membership to EFTA General Secretary and may be admitted  upon such terms and conditions as the Executive Board may from time to time determine.

For any queries regarding EFTA membership, please, write to info@futnet.eu.