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Futnet in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia) has existed since 1922. It is a well-known sport with tens of thousands of amateur players. Its popularity is at average level among all sports known in the Czech Republic.

History of Futnet in the Czech Republic

Futnet came into existence in Czechoslovakia during trainings of football players – juniors (the name of the club was “Slavia”) approximately in 1922. The aim was to have fun with a ball, to play tennis with the feet. At first they played over a wooden bench, later using a rope instead of a net. This was sport for everybody with very simple rules. At the same time similar game was also played in the town České Budějovice.

Further development of this sport (since 1935) is also connected with football players (Borkovec, Čapek, Kubát). The place was called “Yellow Spa” near Vltava river in Prague. Later more well-known football players (Bican, Ludl, Říha, Bradáč) joined the game and there were regular FutNet tournaments between 1939 and 1948. First FutNet rules were issued in 1940 (authors Kulhánek, Borkovec) and in forties futnet was promoted during volleyball matches in recreation settlements of cottages built by tramps. Later tramps league called “Tournament of Old Wanderers” took place with ten teams (1953-1961). In 1961 Fftnet was accepted as real sport in the frame of Czechoslovak sports organisation (ČSTV) and the Prague Futnet Commission was established. During 1961-1971 about 90 teams took part in Prague competitions. Many teams were playing tournaments all over the Czech Republic in different districts. In 1971, Czech Futnet Association was founded (futnet was organised and played in 11 districts). Since 1972, 1st league has been played.

In 1987 (February) five countries (Switzerland, England, Italy, Romania, Germany) founded international association (IFTA = International Football-Tennis Association) in Biel (Switzerland). The representatives of Czechoslovakia could not take part in the foundation of IFTA because at that time there was no Czechoslovak Futnet Association, only two separate national associations – the Czech and the Slovak one – that did not have the right to contacts with foreign countries. The request to form the Czechoslovak Futnet Association, submitted twice, had not been rejected by the Czechoslovak Sports Association, but it was illegally kept in the drawer. Thanks to the foundation of IFTA, a working committee for the creation of Czechoslovak Futnet Association was set up which was allowed to establish contacts with IFTA and in 1991 Czechoslovakia became a member of IFTA. After splitting of Czechoslovakia in late 1992, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic became IFTA members as two independent countries in 1993.

In 2010 Czech Republic left FIFTA and was among the founding countries of EFTA (European Futnet Association) and UNIF (Union Internationale de Futnet).

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