Futnet is not yet a well-known sport in Denmark, although we are working hard to promote the sport. In Denmark futnet is called „fodtennis“. At the moment futnet, as it is known in EFTA , is, as far as we know, only played on a competition level in clubs. A lot of football clubs, however, use another kind of futnet as a supplement to the technical training.

Arrival of Futnet in Denmark

Pavel Mašek, current president of Danish Futnet Association, used to play futnet in his native Czech Republic and when he got an invitation for a Danish women’s team to join the World Cup 2008, he gathered a team. Afterwards most of these players have continued their training and promoted the sport through Internet, friends, football associations, etc.

Association and Players

We created our association in 2010 to join EFTA. We are just around 40 active members. There are 6 officially registered players in the Danish Futnet Association.


We have not organised any tournaments yet, but hope to organise our first tournament in the summer of 2011 in single, double and triple. We are hoping this tournament to encompass the first national championship in parallel with a promotional tournament. The categories in the tournament will be women, men and juniors – all with 2 bounces allowed.

There in no league yet, but, hopefully we will have one in the next couple of years.

Promotion of Futnet

We will focus on schools. Our strategy is to introduce futnet in schools to recruit new futnet-players. We will also put some effort into recruiting seniors and establish a senior-tournament. The senior- recruitment will mostly be through friends, events and the Internet.

Subsidies and/or Sponsorship

The Danish Futnet Association does not get any governmental aid, but local clubs do get some support for training facilities and instructors for children teams.

We do not have any sponsorship yet. All costs including travelling for players and officials are paid privately. We are hoping to arrange something soon.

Current Activities and Objectives

Our current activities in developing futnet in Denmark are to recruit juniors and arrange a national championship. To do that we need to attract sponsors and this is currently one of our most important tasks. Cooperation with football federation as an alternative football model.

European and World Championships 2011/2012

Our women’s team will participate in the European Championship. Hopefully our men’s team will be ready to participate in the European Championship too. Concerning World Cup 2012, we expect both women and men to participate. We do not have any juniors ready for any of the tournaments.


The largest Futnet club in Denmark:

The Danish Futnet Association does not yet have a homepage.

Contact details

Pavel Masek, President of Dansk Fodtennis Forbund