In France, a lot of people know futnet or Tennis Ballon in French because of the way it is used by football players during their training. However, only a few people are aware that it is also a sport with its own rules and its own federation. A lot of communication has to be done but for different reasons it is hard to convince the media to cover the competitions.

Brief history of futnet in France

Futnet appeared in France in 1943, imported from the East when Mr. Albert BATTEUX (coach of the football team of France and Stade de Reims) decided to improve the technical qualities of his players by making them play on a tennis court with a football ball.

On February 7, 1987, Mr. Josef Rothenfluh (Switzerland) founded the International Footballtennis Association (IFTA) after the organisation of several international tournaments.

In 1997, thanks to the development of the discipline on the main territory and the island of Reunion, we are witnessing the birth of the French League of Tennis Ballon which will be transformed in the Federation de Tennis Ballon France (FTBF) in 2002.

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