FutNet or siatkonoga in Poland is not so well-known but it is getting more fans and players every year. All football clubs in Poland are playing an amateur version of FutNet without FutNet rules.

Brief History of FutNet in Poland

FutNet in Poland was officially created by Mr. Michal Sieczko, well-known sports manager in Poland. Polish FutNet Federation „SIATKONOGA POLSKA“  was registered in 2005, the same year first Polish FutNet Championship took place. Great Slovakian players came to the city of Zgierz to make an exhibition show. Five Polish Championships editions have been organized in Poland until now.

Players and Competitions

We do not have registered players, our competitions are for amateurs. Around 40 teams have played FutNet in Polish Championship which is organized once a year.

Best achievements

9th place in doubles during Euro Footballtennis Championships, Trencin 2007

7th place in singles during World Footballtennis Championships, Nymburk 2008

11th place in doubles during World Footballtennis Championships, Nymburk 2008

Subsidies and/or Sponsorship

We do not receive any subsidies. Our sport is financed 100% from sports marketing. We also pay a part of our costs.


Current plans, projects and priorities

We want to build a strong National Team to get Polish authorities involved in FutNet. We plan to organize exhibition tournaments for amateurs in Poland. We plan to promote FutNet in student communities.

Interesting facts

Well-known current and former football players have played in Polish FutNet Championships, e. g. Olgierd Moskalewicz, Bartosz Ława, Michał Łabędzki.

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Contact details


Michał Sieczko – President msieczko@syskosports.pl