FutNet or tennisball in Ukrainian is quite well known in Ukraine, though not so popular yet as a separate sport.

Brief History of FutNet in Ukraine
As in other countries, FutNet has always been played in football clubs as a part of training practice.
Especially popular was a FutNet section of “Dynamo” Kiev.
In the 1970s, Dynamo players and coaches started to play FutNet regularly, not just during their team’s trainings. Among them Lobanovsky, Szabo, Kolotov, Muntean and others. This “tennisball club” formed by great players, continued its existence until the early 21th century, when an initiative group of FutNet players decided to create a federation and participate in international competitions.

Association and Players
The association was created in 2007. Currently, there are 4 clubs and about 70 registered players (8 women).
We work on a voluntary basis. We do not receive any subsidies from the state and are looking for sponsors. For the time being, we pay all our costs ourselves and everything we do, we do it just for the love of FutNet!

In Ukraine, there is no league yet. We make 3 – 4 demonstration tournaments a year. Basically, they take place in Kyiv, but, they have also been held in Lutsk, Lviv, Illichevsk.

Best Achievements
7th place in different disciplines at World and European Championships in 2006 – 2009

Current Plans and Priorities
– to create a children’s school of FutNet in 2011
– to hold the Ukrainian championship in 2012
– to attract sponsors
– to promote FutNet throughout Ukraine

Interesting facts

Ukraine has come with the initiative to create a CIS League for teams from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Moldova. Tentative date – 2012.
Teams from Ukraine took part in international tournaments in Slovakia (2009, 2010), Austria (2008), Hungary (2010), Russia (2007, 2008).
A friendly between Ukraine and Russia (19-2) was held in Kiev in 2010.

Denys Vilienkin, President FTK, tel. +38 050 311 80 92,
Ivan Rachenko, Federation secretary, tel. +38 067 963 06 57,