Summer summary

How did European futnet spend the summer holiday? What were the most interesting news and events in July and August? Our summer futnet summary will give you the answers.

Summer camp schedule

3rd International Futnet Camp for Women and Youth, organised by Czech Futnet Association, EFTA member, in cooperation with sports club TJ Slovan Chabařovice (CZ), takes place between 23 and 28 July 2012 in Chabařovice, a small town in the northwest of the Czech Republic. This year the organisers have received the applications from six countries– Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Hungary, Moldova and Switzerland.

Great promotion of futnet!

Interview with EFTA General Secretary in the international tennis journal RETURNAL about futnet, its attractive features and how it can relate to tennis clubs and players. Great promotion of our sport!

First Championship in Ukraine

Hard work of the Ukrainian Futnet Association on the development of futnet in their country has been rewarded with further great achievements – their first ever national championship for men and first tournament for women.

European Cup of Club Champions

EFTA European Cup of Club Champions is taking place on 19 May in Corte in the French island of Corsica with the participation of club champions of the top European national leagues – check Futnet World facebook for updates. As the winners of their national leagues in 2010/2011 season, the teams of Modrice (Czech Republic), Kosice (Slovakia), Groley (Switzerland) and Venaco (France) will compete for EFTA European Cup of Club Champions.

3rd International Futnet Camp

3rd Youth and Women’s International Futnet Camp will be held on 23 – 28 July in Chabarovice, Czech Republic, providing an opportunity for the development of existing futnet skills of children and women under the supervision and guidance of experienced futnet coaches and instructors.

Tri Nations Cup

Saturday 24th March saw the first ever Home Nations futnet championship take place in London, hosted by the Welsh futnet association and competed by England, Wales and Ireland. The tournament was two bounce, and doubles and triples disciplines were played.

National Team Cup in France

On Sunday, 18 March, the final of French National Team Cup was held between the clubs of Emerainville and Olonne sur Mer. In this competition, each team meets another in a match that consists of four submatches: 1 single, 2 doubles, 1 triple.

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