Women’s and Juniors European Championships 2013

In April, European Futnet Association (EFTA) approved the bid of the Slovak Futnet Association to organise Women’s and Juniors European Championships 2013 in all disciplines on 8-10 November in Kosice, Slovakia.

On Monday, 6 May, first official meeting concerning  European Championships 2013 took place in Kosice. Shortly before the meeting, the president of Slovak Association and EFTA and UNIF delegates met with Mr Dusan Galis, Government Plenipotentiary for Sports and Youth, who kindly accepted the patronage over the championships.

During the meeting, the members of the Organising Committee were selected from among members of the Executive Committee of the Slovak Association, municipal representatives of Kosice and UNIF and EFTA delegates. A number of issues were addressed, mainly the list of all the tasks and obligations before and during the event as well as their distribution among the members of the OC.

EFTA President Mr Kamil Klenik and General Secretary Mr Jiri Sladek (both Czech Association) and UNIF General Secretary Ms Zuzana Vinanska (Slovak Association) shared their invaluable knowledge and experience from the organisation of World Championships last year, gave some useful tips and recommendations as well as offered their support to the organisers of the European Championships. All three delegates also became members of the Organising Committee of this year’s championships.

EFTA members as well as other countries have already received an official invitation and some preliminary information on the championships. In the following days, this information will be complemented by further details together with the application form which, in case of interest, should be filled in and sent to the designated contact person by 15 July.