Austin Cup Vsetín 2013 – Double of Sokol Modřice

The Austin Cup international tournament in Vsetín once again offered top level Futnet. From 15 Czech and 9 international teams, Modřice proved the best quality and won both gold and silver medals.

The tournament manager Vít Zgarba managed to bring the best Czech and foreign teams to Vsetín. Slovakia was represented by DPMK Košice, NO KAC Košice and NK Hlohovec, Hungary by Kaposvár and Debrecen and Romania by Victory Cluj-Napoca and Tengo Salonta. Also FTC Villars-sur-Glâne from Switzerland and Blokers Lodž from Poland arrived at Vsetín sports hall to compete with the best.

However, no team from abroad managed to get to the play off and thus only Czech teams could play for the medals. Modřice « B » and Karlovy Vary « A » met in the first semifinal and despite the quality of Jan Vanke, triple of Modřice was more succesful and advanced to the final.

Sokol Modřice had one of its triples also in the second semifinal. Triple of Czech national team players (Kop, Pelikán, Topinka) in Modřice « A » jerseys defeated the triple of Vsetín (Brutovský, Perun, Gebel) in two sets.

And thus two triples from Sokol Modřice played for the victory in the final. Triple Modřice « B » (Pospíšil, Rosenberk, Müller) had more energy and a better luck in the final part of the match and won deservedly.

More information can be found at Nohec magazín (Czech version only).

Czech TV 50 minutes report from the tournament can be played here. offline record of the whole tournament can be played here.