Draw into groups for European Championships

On Friday evening, 18 October, the official draw of the upcoming Women’s and Juniors European Futnet Championships took place in the Slovak city of Kosice that will host this event on 8-10 November.

Present at the draw were Gabriel Viňanský,President of Slovak Futnet Association and head of the Organising Committee (OC),  Mr Jaroslav Šimo and Mr Ladislav Strama, members of the OC and of Slovak Futnet Association’s Executive Board and Ms Zuzana Vinanska, UNIF General Secretary.

13 countries will take part in the championships, out of which 8 in the womens competition and 10 in the U21 juniors event. As it has been announced before, Canada will take part in the women’s competition as a special invited guest in order to support futnet development in this category also outside Europe.

UNIF Technical Committee prepared the seeding into performance baskets based on the results from the previous main events of UNIF and EFTA. You can learn more about the rules of seeding on the official championships website www.kosice2013.eurofutnet.com which is available both in Slovak and English.

In both categories the teams were divided into two groups A and B, each with 4 or 5 teams. In each discipline first a group (A or B) was drawn and then one team from each performance basket into this group. The same procedure was repeated with the second group.