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European Futnet Association (EFTA) offers information and other resources to media professionals as well as any other persons, companies or institutions engaged in the promotion of sport in general and futnet in particular. The material contained on this website may be freely disseminated as long as EFTA webpage is cited as its source. Should you require any further information or graphic material concerning  EFTA, futnet or any events organised under EFTA auspices, do not hesitate to contact us at

Main EFTA events in 2011

The two highlights of the 2011 European futnet season were 1st EFTA European Championship for women and juniors held on 4 and 5 June 2011 in the Basque capital of Vitoria in the north of Spain and 1st EFTA Men’s European Championship on 7 and 8 October 2011 in the town of Corte in the French island of Corsica.

1st EFTA European Championship for women and juniors

All the important data concerning the major European event of 2011 for women and juniors can be found on the championship’s webpage as well as in the Events section on our website. You can check the teams and results, see the photos and read the championship newsletters as well as the final assessment of the event.

1st EFTA Men’s European Championship

All the relevant information regarding the top event of men’s futnet this season, including the line-ups, results, photos, video, reports etc., is available in the section dedicated to the championship.

Events 2012

The calendar of major international events for 2012 is available in the Events section in the main menu.