Here you can find videos of the most important futnet events in 2011.


European Championships

Sports programme Sport in Corsica on 10 October 2011 featured a footage from EFTA Men’s European Championship that took place in Corte, Corsica (France) on 7 and 8 October 2011. It starts at 32 min 15 sec with an interview with members of the organisation committee Eric Jecker (President of French Futnet Federation) and Anthony Agostini (President of Ajaccio Futnet Club).


International Futnet Camp

Footage from 2nd International Youth and Women’s Camp that took place in August 2011 in the Czech Republic.


International Tournaments

Poslední smeč, December 2011

26th edition of the oldest international indoor tournament in triple. Played according to the Czech rules with two bounces.

Šacung, July 2011

Summary of 50th edition of international tournament in Šacung, Benešov. Played with two bounces.


Flanders Tennis Foot Cup, June 2011

6th edition of a popular futnet tournament in Lokeren, Belgium. See the TV footage and a summary of the finals both in adult and youth competition.


Austin Cup, March 2011

International tournament in Vsetín, Czech Republic, played with two bounces. Semifinals and final.

Tipgames Czech Open 2011

International competition series played according to international UNIF rules, i.e. with one bounce. (Parts of) semifinals and final.

Košice, 7 May 2011 – triples

Nymburk, 20 March 2011 – doubles

Prague, 5 March 2011 – doubles

Přerov, 19 February 2011 – triples


Videos from Member States

Czech Extraligue Final, September 2011

More than three hours of best-quality futnet from top league in the world.

Videos of the most important futnet events from 2010 and older are also available.