European Championship Day 1

1st Futnet European Championship is taking place in the French town of Corte in Corsica where the best European teams have gathered to share their passion of futnet and compete for the historically first titles under the auspices of the European Futnet Association.

On 6 October all the delegations arrived in Corsica, some of them after more than a 24-hour journey, but all looking forward to this highlight of European futnet season. The first ones to arrive were the English for whom it is their international futnet premiere and eventually, during the day, they were joined by the Czechs, Slovaks, Polish, Ukrainians, Austrians, Swiss and, of course, the host team of France. Unfortunatelly, injuries and work issues prevented the participation of the other two teams registered for the championship, Belgium and Italy. The players of these teams were very sorry to miss the event, but hoping to participate soon in next EFTA and UNIF gatherings. And we hope so, too.

The Technical meeting on Thursday evening provided the useful organizational information as well as clarified the basic rules and regulations of the competitions to ensure a smooth running of the championship which started on Friday morning with the group matches in the single. The teams were divided into two groups, playing in two halls, and compared to the original planning there was a small change in the distribution of the teams in the single due to the absence of Italy and Belgium where England was moved to the group A.

The afternoon saw the group matches in the doubles as well as the final standings matches in the singles and the doubles. The organizers included also some interesting exhibition matches between the home team of Corsica and some of the national teams.

No surprises have been recorded so far in the singles and the doubles where the favourites have met the expectations and qualified to the Saturday’s semifinals. In the first semifinal in the single Slovakia will meet with France and in the second one Czech Republic with Swizerland, whereas in the doubles Slovakia will play Switzerland and Czech Republic France.

Today the group matches are scheduled as of 10 am, followed by the final standing matches in this discipline. In the afternoon the semifinals and finals in all disciplines are impatiently awaited by all futnet fans. We hope that they can see and enjoy a high-quality futnet with attractive moves and passes, powerful smashes and uncatchable rotated balls.

Long Live Futnet!