VI Polish Championship

Between 10th and 11th of December Tomaszow Mazowiecki will host the best Polish futnet players at VI Polish Futnet Championships Las Vegas Power Energy Drink. It will be a tournament in doubles, organised by the Polish Futnet Association (Siatkonoga Polska).

Until now, there have been five final tournaments in Poland. The winners were:

2005 – WEKO Zgierz (Grzegorz Krysiak – Dariusz Matusiak)

2007 – Hemako Sztutowo I (Paweł Friszkemut / Maciej Haftkowski)

2008 – Unity Beach Soccer Team Szczecin (Bartosz Ława / Arkadiusz Kondraciuk / Stanisław Bożyczko)

2009 – Blue Moon Szczecin II (Arkadiusz Kondraciuk / Patrik Perun – rules of tournaments allowed also foreign players to take part in the competition)

2010 – Baltic Sport Szczecin (Arkadiusz Kondraciuk / Bartosz Ława)


Just like last year, the competition will be played in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, a town in the centre of Poland. Tomaszow was one of the most important cities of manufacturing industry.  Currently, there are about 65.000 people living in Tomaszow.

The main partner of the tournament is Las Vegas Power Energy Drink. The brand is well-known in Poland as a sponsor of many sport events (e.g. boxing events) or sport clubs. Las Vegas Power Energy Drink is also the sponsor of the Polish National Team in futnet and footvolley.

The organizers have also found several media partners so there will be announcements on television, radio, newspapers and websites.