President’s Cup in Nymburk

A real treat is awaiting all futnet fans already in ten days! On 25 February, the venue of the next Men’s World Championship, the Nymburk Sports Centre, will witness the best six nations in the world playing it out in the “President´s Cup”.

This mini version of the World Cup is a prestigious international tournament organised by the Czech Futnet Association under the auspices of UNIF and its President. It is a great opportunity for the fans to see the best futnet teams in the world and for the coaches to test out their players and check out the venue of this year’s World Championship. The best six national squads – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Switzerland and France – will fight it out in all three futnet disciplines for the trophy of UNIF’s President.

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Group A:       08,00 – 12,00  Slovakia + Romania + France

Hall A            

08,00               Slovakia – France

09,15               France – Romania

10,30               Romania – Slovakia

Match Sequence:                  Double – Triple – Single

Click here to watch the matches from Hall A from 08,00 h

Group B:       08,00 – 12,00 Czech Republic + Hungary + Switzerland

Hall B            

08,00               Switzerland – Hungary

09,15               Czech Republic – Switzerland

10,30               Hungary – Czech Republic

Match Sequence: Double – Triple – Single

Click here to watch the matches from Hall B from 08,00 h

Central Hall   12,30 – 19,00  final matches

12,30               5th place match

13,45               1st semifinal   A1 – B2 or B1 – A2

15,00               2nd semifinal  B1 – A2 or A1 – B2

Note: If Czech Republic qualifies for the semifinals, they will play 2nd semifinal due to sponsorship commitments.

16,15               3rd place match

17,30               final match

19,00               closing ceremony

Match Sequence: Double – Triple – Single

Click here to watch all the matches from the central hall from 12.30

Playing format

The tournament is held according to UNIF rules: one bounce in all disciplines, the dimensions of the court for doubles is the same as in the single without a cross service line.

Each match will consist of 3 sub-matches in the three futnet disciplines in this order: 1.double, 2.triple and 3.single. 1 point is awarded for each discipline won.

Groups were drawn from 3 performance baskets (1.CZE,SVK 2.ROM,HUN 3.SWI, FRA) on 17 February, at 13.00 in Nymburk:

A: Slovakia, Romania, France

B: Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland

In the evening all are invited to a party in the SportBar at which the best Czech futnet players of 2011 will be announced and will be awarded together with those who have contributed to the development of Czech futnet to mark 40th anniversary of the foundation of Czech Futnet Association celebrated last year.

Team Line-ups

Czech Republic: Topinka, Rosenberk, Kop, Muller, J.Medek, Bíbr, Kolenský, Hron

Coach: Šmejkal

Slovakia: Kilík, Kozlík, Černota, Rusnák, Sadílek, Bertko Jr

Coach: Žigala

France: Voisinot, Caramelle, Castealo, Mercier, Marie

Coach: Ortis

Switzerland: Chapuis, Mazza, Grandjean, Kolly, Gisler, Julan

Coach: Julan

Hungary: Ferencz, Jonas, Pal, Kiralyvolgyi, Vincze, Pozderka

Coach: Dienes-Oehm

Romania: Purice, Balan, Pauna, Sasarman

Coach: Sasarman