News from Switzerland

The league championships in all categories have now started in Switzerland. While the National League began already in September, the lower leagues for men and women and the junior championship started later. For now, the results have brought no surprises: Grolley-I and  Villars took the power in National League. In 1st division, the Riviera-Tigers-I are devouring their opponents and clearly position themselves as favorites for promotion. Same in 2nd division where the Riviera-Tigers-II, of course led by Jean-Philippe Berger, should not encounter too many problems this year. The fight is still quite open in 3rd division. In women’s category, the girls from Ursy, back in the competition this year, took the lead. But the championship is still long!

Regarding tournaments, the Futnet Club of Massongex celebrated 18th edition of its tournament won by Riviera-Tigers. Note the return on the courts of Basel who had made the trip to Valais.

In 2012, the Swiss Association (ASFT) would like to boost its training program for coaches. The new trainer’s manager of ASFT, Jonathan Gisler, has taken over operations and will offer a new program, administrative relief, to facilitate the whole process. The dates and schedules will follow in a few weeks. These courses may be open also to foreigners, the costs are borne by the participants.


Some dates to remember:

January 14, 2012: Tournament FTGy in Fribourg

January 29: Basel tournament, “Go For Gold”

February 2012: Switzerland Cup in Single, Double and Triple

June 9, 2012: 25th anniversary of the Swiss Association with the organization of an international Elite Triple Tournament (one bounce) and accompanying triple (three bounces) tournament in men, women and juniors categories.